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Welcome to my web site. This site and my current work
are the culmination of themes and patterns over many
years of my professional life. Whether as a practicing
nurse, a professor, manager, consultant or healing
counselor, I have always enjoyed best those activities that
helped people to learn, grow and change. In other words,
to find fulfilling and healthy lives.

That you have found me indicates that you are seeking to
improve your personal or work life.

This site describes the various coaching, consulting, and
speaking services I offer. The Wheel of Life is a popular
model that I use frequently when engaged with people
individually or in workshops.

My next newsletter is now available for you to read. I
will be writing on a regular basis from Diana's desk. There
will be thoughts and information about leading your life
effectively and other topics related to healthy life styles,
relationships, reaching your goals and changing your
personal or professional life.


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